The World of Phone Sex and Silicone Sex Dolls

intimate coupleIn today’s day and age, intimacy has been taken to a whole new level.  Some may argue that its a bad thing, others will argue that its a good thing.  Either way, the world is changing and we are seeing the results of these changes.  On the level of being intimate both physically or verbally, it has definitely changed.

Silicone Sex Dolls Mimic The Touch of Human Skin

The good is that if you’re afraid of catching a sexually transmitted disease but still want an intimate moment of sexual pleasure, you can now turn to sex dolls that are made from silicone.  Silicone in sex dolls mimics the touch and feel of real skin.  The silicone dolls of today feel and look so real it is truly a breakthrough for this type of industry.  The other advantage to sex dolls is that you can literally get them to “do” what you want without any push back.

The disadvantage is obviously, you are spending an intimate moment with an inanimate object.  But ultimately, the end goal is the same, to feel sexual pleasure and relief tension.

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Phone Sex Advantages

As to having a conversation with someone and the need to lead up to intimacy, if you’re a bit braver, you can definitely try hot chatting on the phone.  These type conversations on the phone line typically lead up to a date or even phone sex.  Phone sex is a bit more personal as two people are involved.  Typically complete strangers over the phone that have never met.  The conversation on the phone typically starts out light and then takes a direction of sexual pleasure eventually. At least that’s one of the main reasons for having an intimate conversation on the phone.

The benefit is that you can imagine what the person on the other end looks like.  The other benefit is basically anything goes, you’re not being judged. If you want to tell them about your flaws or pretend you’re perfect, you can definitely do that.  Also when you’re done for example after having phone sex, then you can technically say good bye and get back to reality of everyday living.

Either way, the world has definitely changed.  Intimacy is taken to new heights through the use of modern day technology.  The plus side is that if everyone did this, there would be less widespread of sexual disease.  The negative to all of this is that people become less interactive socially in person.  Despite the plus and minuses of these type of activities, people are people and in the end, they do what makes them feel comfortable.

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